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FACTS of gosford park blend tea

The tea is grown in the Central highlands of Sri Lanka at an altitude between  3,500 to 5,000ft. We  use two different teas   for this blend.  The  first  tea  comes  from the estates of   the Ragalla group   of   companies. We   take   tea   from  these estates  established   1891   in the Uda Pussellawa    area   of the central highlands  and  we  blend  35 %  of the tea   into the  Gosford  Park  Blend The   second tea is from the Nayabedde   Estate   established     1880  and  this  estate    is   also in the central highlands ,   65%   of   tea   from this estate   goes into our Gosford Park  Blend.

Our tea is  bought  at  the  tea  auctions  in Colombo  and   is  blended  and  packaged in our partners   facility  and shipped   direct to us  This  unique   blend is for   an anytime cup of tea  thought the day. The   tea  compliments  our  range  of naturally  grown produce  from our  East  Devon farm  and  is  the  product of  many  years association  with Sri Lanka   by ourselves ,it   is  the  result  of  many  tea  factory  visits  and  tea  tastings   We  will  shortly be  importing   one  of  the  best  single origin  teas  to the  UK     which  will be Browns  Seven Star  loose  tea  procured  from  the  Hatale  tea  factory  and  will also  be  producing  this  tea  in  pyramid  tea  bag form  in  boxes  of  20. This  tea  is   for  sale exclusively   from our  new  farm shop or ,until the   shop is  open ,  the  house  of   the  home  farm  and  this  tea  is  not  available  for  sale   anywhere   ells  in the  UK


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£2.85  per 100  tea  bags

£1.50 per  50 tea bags