Our Farm

Little Gosford farm is a small family run farm of 43 acres of natural pasture land located in East Devon in the beautiful South West of England.

We purchased the Farm in the year 2,000 and the events that took us along this path to a farming life are detailed in our Book : The complete guide to self Deficiency the Good life Laid Bare , of which , a condensed version is to be found on our web page.

The land had been in the same family for generations first as tenant’s and then as freeholders .Over the years and as the generations expanded the original farm of some 200 acres was split up and divided between the family members ,only one remaining in Farming and his inheritance was ,what is now our farm.

The land is down completely to old grass lay and as we have been told , has never felt the plough!! with the exception of the middle field put to potatoes during the war Consequently the grass lays are abundant in old herbage and different grasses that all our livestock thrive on.

Some 25 acres of the lower fields in years gone by was down to a water meadow owing to the proximity to the river Otter which flows close by to our South East border This parcel of land has a clay bed some 4 feet from the main sward of grasses this is a natural barrier to retain water The practice before commercial fertiliser was to flood the meadow using a system of sluice gates to divert water into the meadow in the winter months when the river rose thereby bringing in nutrients from the river and then as the dryer weather followed to let the water back out to the ditches that were then in place at that time .The result was an organic naturally occurring fertilizer that would promote the spring crop of grasses and we are the beneficiary of this old practice

We have since our occupation re-fenced the entire farm installed drainage ditches in the old water meadow and split the land into 10 fair sized paddocks so we can establish a grazing pattern for our stock. We maintain a closed flock of Wiltshire horn sheep numbering an average of 100 ewes and lambs a small flock of some 50 laying hens which are completely free range and at the time of writing we are bringing on 20 Black Angus beef cattle We also raise as the season dictates pigs and meat birds We have established a Certificated location caravan and motorhome park under the auspices of the Caravan Club and for additional income renovated what was originally designed as a lambing shed into a successful holiday let .The farm has its own water supply and we are self supporting in our electricity needs thanks to three solar generators that were installed in 2012 Our next project is upgrading and re locating our farm shop the progress of which can be followed on our Blog

Please feel free to browse our web page and field us any questions or ask advice on any subject within our web page and we will do our best to respond.

Here you can find a farm map: